Testimonials Page

Testimonials Page

We have had the services of Onsyte for over 4-5 years, and it has been the best move we made in IT support. All of our switches, cabling, and server is maintained, upgraded and managed by Atu and his team. The nice thing is they are only a phone call away, and if there is anything related to hardware, connections, or software that we can’t figure out they are on it and have it completed within max a few hours. (that is if they have to come down to our location) Normally it is corrected and tested within the first…

Matt P. Project Leader

I talked to Mark on the phone and from the initial call I knew this was a place that knew computers and I wanted to do business with them. He told me to bring it on in because the diagnostic was free. Of course when I brought it in the machine shut down just fine. He asked if I had it hooked up to a hub at my desk at home which I did. … I removed it and the machine shuts down just fine now. Case closed!

Shelia T., Orlando, FL

You have one heck of a good looking AND effective web site – nice job. Just wanted to thank you and your team for the expert job at a fair price. Glad to see your business has grown, it is a reflection of your expert work

Tom F., Longwood, Fl

They came in ten minutes earlier than they said, and they also came in on a Saturday which was convenient for us. They knew what they were doing and got to the problem quickly. They were very polite and professional. I would certainly recommend them to others.

Ron V., Apopka, FL

They replaced my hard drive and did a back up of the information that was on the bad hard drive. They then restored everything back to working order. It went excellent. They came out to my house to look at it before they did the work. After they did some testing they took it in. They were able to do the work in one day, they then brought it back and hooked it all back up and made sure it was still working the way it should have been. They did that all less than what they had originally told…

Barry H., Sanford, FL

My hard drive was not working properly. He gave me an appointment and came out right on time. He came out a second time to repair it and did it well. He had advertised his service through a flier and had charged only according to his advertisement. I was very happy with that. He did what I needed for the right price. He just did a great job.

Jean-Louis P., Orlando, FL

I used Onsyte Computer Sales & Service to install a new router for me because my old one died. They did a good job. The price was reasonable for the work they did. The experience was excellent. They were very professional and knowledgeable.

Diana G., Altamonte Springs, FL

I had a problem connecting handhelds (apple) and printer to the WIFI. Technician came out on Friday and fixed the printer, however did not fix the handhelds. I was called by Atu (the owner) who was extremely pleasant, professional and helpful and he sent another technician out today to handle the other items. There was no additional charge and I was very happy with the way Atu handled my problem and queries. He really seems to care and want to help you, something you don’t often find in the service industry these days.

Lawrence K., Lake Mary, FL

Computer was not responding at all. Took the computer in, they fixed it while I waited, no problems since then. Very fine, friendly, clean, professional, reasonable charge.

William M., Longwood, FL

Onsyte Computers came out to our house on time as scheduled and within 20 minutes diagnosed our computer and provided several options to correct the problem. Within two days Onsyte returned with everything needed to get us online ,upgraded at a fair cost and installed everything to fix all of our existing problems. A few days later we asked Onsyte to come out again to make recommendations to us regarding our monitor. They did this under warranty and did not charge us for the trip. We have decided to replace our older, smaller monitor, have done so and are shockingly…

Kevin B.

I just happen to know that I get online and look at prices of computers from places like Tiger Direct, and they’re mighty low priced, but they don’t necessarily have everything I want in them. When they get here, it’s just a box that has to be opened and set up. Atu comes and does that for me with the one he built. He does what he does best and its best I leave it alone and let him do it.

Lance S. – CPA, Longwood, Fl

Computer was making weird noise and i called and spoke with Mark and he gave me a couple of reasons that might be the problem. I took it to them and they looked it over and could not find any problems. It booted up fine for them and it was no charge for them looking at it. I brought it home and it worked fine. I would definitely go back to them with any future problems I have instead of Best Buy.

Robin C P., Oviedo, FL

They always solve the problems. He’s right around the corner from my house, so that makes it very convenient. They certainly know what they’re doing…I can take any problem, and they always figure it out.

Jeanne C., Altamonte Springs, FL

The most important thing to me is that [the server] does not go down…that we are not without computers, because my entire shop, all the machinery out in my shop runs off of these computers and runs off of the server. He administers the system well. There are better options, better improvements, better equipment, different things that we can have in place, but he’s helping us stick within a budget and keep everything working. If we have a problem with space on the server, he finds other ways to deal with it.

Joanna N. – CCO, Inc., Longwood, FL

I have been a customer of Onsyte Computers for eight years now. I have always been pleased with their wonderful customer service and love the convenience of their drop off location. Repairs have always been done in timely fashion and I feel they are honest and trustworthy. I would recommend them for all your computer needs.

Andrea K., Altamonte Springs, FL

They are a time and money saver and convenient with the services they offer… a one-stop shop. Most of these [computer] systems are integrated–they rely on each other. POS relies on Internet; camera relies on your network, so it’s all integrated. Your low-voltage cabling…every system…they’re not independent anymore. Everything’s part of the big network, so your phone’s part of your network, your Internet, your closed-circuit TV, your alarm.

Michael C, Owner Monkey Joes, Orlando, Fl

Recovered data and transferred to a new computer purchased from him [Atu]. He was honest and practical. Took time to explain options and benefits of each. I liked being able to speak with a knowledgeable technician who listened to my needs instead of trying to sell me products based upon his commission. He made the transaction easy.

Deborah M., Orlando