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One-Stop Managed IT Service Providers & Security Technology Consultants for Medical Offices

If you’re like most busy medical office managers, you need worry-free support from managed IT service providers and security system specialists. Of course, HIPAA compliance is your foremost concern.

The HIPAA Privacy Rule and the HIPPA Security Rule establish a national set of standards for ensuring the administrative, technical and physical security of protected health information (PHI). As a result, medical practices need quick and reliable IT support, a secure network and an efficient paperless office — all with an eye toward HIPAA compliance.

Our team members can be your one-stop managed IT service providers and security technology consultants. With our IT support you can streamline your daily operations with paperless office technology and software like Microsoft Teams.

We’ll recommend security cameras, surveillance systems and access control that proactively cover all aspects of physical security. For example, your security system should include plans for access control. Touchless access control addresses COVID 19 safety and also ensures authorized entry, which is a stated item of concern in the HIPAA guidelines.

You can depend on our end-to-end expertise to help you enforce the HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules, ensuring HIPAA compliance in your office.

Does Your Medical Practice Have a Budget-Smart, HIPAA-Savvy Managed IT Service Provider?

Consortyo’s IT support specialists partner with busy practice managers to provide one-stop outsourced IT and security system support. Do you get the following—in one place—from your current technology consultant?

  • A free consultation that assesses your current systems and advises you how to be safe AND save money? (Most medical practices are paying too much!)
  • Fast, reliable service from trusted professionals who can work with a busy office and stay out of your staff’s way?
  • A secure network with 99.99% uptime, lightning fast internet and remote support?
  • Experience with both digital and physical security—design AND installation?
  • Flexible, secure technology that supports a telecommuting workforce and telemedicine appointments?

Interested in a free written estimate? Call us now at (407) 389-1670 for a free consultation to assess your digital and physical security risks!


One solution we recommend is Microsoft Teams.

The Microsoft Teams app is included in an Office 365 subscription. If your office already has a subscription, then you’ve got free access to Teams. Microsoft Teams allows for instant inter-office communication between team members, secure email for telecommuting team members and secure conferencing capabilities for telemedicine appointments.

Paperless Office & Data Backup Services

Creating a paperless office is a great way to meet HIPAA requirements. Many paperless systems themselves are HIPAA-compliant document management solutions. The wonders of digital technology can also save you time.

For example, optical character recognition (OCR) software converts printed characters into digital text. This eliminates double entry of data because you can then edit your document in a word processing program like Microsoft Word. Are you requiring forms to be filled out over your website? We can help with security there, too.

We have three easy steps for creating your paperless office:
1. define your flow of documents
2. identify paperless solutions
3. securely implement your paperless office

Once you have a paperless office, you need to ensure your data is backed up, secure and properly primed for disaster recovery! As a health provider, your data backup and storage solutions are affected by third-party software and must also be HIPAA compliant. We have extensive experience with email security as well! Here’s how we ensure near 100% data recovery:

  • A data backup will run every 15 minutes but will not slow your system or interrupt productivity.
  • We provide the newest technology to ensure a full data recovery in today’s mixed (physical and virtual) IT environment.
  • We use secure databases for storing and sharing files.
  • Because we use bare metal data backup, when a piece of hardware encounters any disaster, you’ll be able to restore its data to any physical or virtual system you choose.

Security System Design, Surveillance Camera Installation & Access Control

The HIPAA Security Rule requires limits to physical access to facilities. It also requires the implementation of technical policies and procedures that allow only authorized personnel to access protected health information.

We provide security system design, installation and monitoring. Based on your feedback and areas of concern, we determine the best locations to install security cameras. Certainly, we will also help you prevent theft of medications and supplies. The security system solution we recommend,, allows remote view from any device. It offers intrusion detection,
fully integrated access control, energy management and more.

Security includes touchless access control, which helps with prevention of both theft and COVID 19 spread! You can set your security alerts to notify you if anyone tries to access an area after hours, or at unusual times. You can assign permissions per employee and cancel them with a click of a button. This security solution is completely customizable to your needs!

AI-powered video analytics can provide many anti- COVID 19 technologies:

  • occupancy counting – can track the number of people in an area and help you identify peak periods and areas that need extra attention
  • social distancing and face mask detection – spots occurrences so that facility managers can take corrective action and provide further education
  • body cameras for front-line workers
  • contract tracing – know where infected individuals have gone, what they touched and who they have been in contact with
  • mobile patient alert – outfit nurse call stations with security software to notify staff while reducing contact with infected patients

A One-Stop Outsourced IT Support Specialist and Security Technology Consultant

Interested in a free written estimate? Call us now at (407) 389-1670 for a free consultation to assess your digital and physical security risks!


The IT support specialists at Consortyo Networks & Security (created by the merger of Onsyte Computer and Insyte Security) have been helping medical offices with their onsite and remote IT and security requirements since 2002. We also help medical practices with their IT support, secure network, paperless office, data backup, security camera surveillance systems and online conference software.

  • Fast and reliable service that values YOUR time and includes telesupport and remote support
  • Licensed in the state of Florida with an alarm contractor’s license
  • Licensed low-voltage contractors for cabling throughout the office
  • We are known for our honest advice and cost-effective solutions
  • Monthly packages to keep your budget consistent and service available when you need technical/security assistance
  • We give you an honest evaluation of the effectiveness of the systems you have in place and whether we can work with them

Call us to receive a free consultation to assess your digital and physical security risks. This includes a free estimate that factors in your existing systems and software. We are a one-stop managed IT services provider and a single point of contact to support all your office IT support including anti COVID 19 technologies, video conferencing for telemedicine and complete video surveillance system design, installation and monitoring. Learn more at our website or by calling us at (407) 389-1670.

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