Employee Tracking

Protect Your Company with Employee Tracking

Stop theft with employee tracking. Wasted time, inefficiency and lack of productivity bleed profits from your business. Not to mention the liability associated with intellectual property theft or other malicious activities. For medical businesses, HIPAA compliance violations are cause for additional concern. To prevent these problems, employee monitoring is a wise choice and an affordable insurance policy.


As Ronald Reagan said, “Trust, but verify.” Outward appearances will not reveal an employee’s work ethic, but actions will. Employee spy software can also aid with productivity measurement through tools that monitor employee computer use, block social media and take remote screenshots.

When to Consider Employee Tracking for Your Business

You might want to install employee monitoring software if you:

  • suspect employees of abusing email, instant messaging or social media while on the clock.
  • want an unbiased way to conduct productivity measurement.
  • want to monitor the websites your employees visit or install website blocking software.
  • desire firewall monitoring and reports of uploads/downloads taking place.
  • are concerned about embezzlement of funds or client siphoning.
  • decided to include employee monitoring as part of your company’s security policies.

What Does Employee Tracking Software Do?

Veriato 360 (formerly known as SpectorSoft 360) and ActivTrak are the employee tracking software programs we use to monitor employee computers. At Onsyte, we prefer ActivTrak and Veriato 360 computer monitoring software for the following reasons:

  • We’ll manage your computer monitoring, which you can access from anywhere.
  • The internet monitoring software does not show up in Windows programs and cannot be uninstalled without YOUR password.
  • Easy-to-read activity reports are sent to any email address, whenever you want them, which you can use for HR notification.

We use Veriato 360 and ActivTrak PC monitoring software to track the following:

  • Emails sent/received
  • Both sides of chat/instant messages
  • Keystrokes typed
  • Files uploaded/downloaded/USB transfers
  • User activity/inactivity
  • Websites visited
  • Online searches
  • Social media use
  • Program access/activity

Plus much more…

Onsyte Computers can protect your entire business with computer tracking software, security cameras and access control. We’re an IT services company that provides one-stop shopping and accountability for an array of services, including network support, network cabling and infrastructure and software support. If you’re a Central Florida business located in Orange County or Seminole County, give us a call for a free security consultation and employee tracking packages.

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