Fiber Optic Cable

Strategic Fiber Optic Cable Installation Yields Many Benefits

You may be considering fiber optic cable , especially for large and multiple buildings. Onsyte provides structured cabling solutions that optimize the benefits of optical cable throughout your campus. As your partner and IT consultant, Onsyte helps you use fiber cable in the right places, strategically using what you have now with an eye on future expansion.


2 Major Problems Fiber Optic Cable Solves

Large buildings and multi-building campuses experience unique challenges that fiber optic cable solves:

  • Fiber cable eliminates the threat of electrical power surge from lightning striking copper wires between two buildings. This shields all devices in the building and protects you from data loss.
  • Cabling between MDFs must be able to handle high traffic and have large bandwidth. Optical cable frees up bottlenecks and provides the speed and bandwidth needed by a large office complex.

Benefits of Fiber Optic Cable

Fiber optic cable has become more affordable than ever and offers many benefits to your business:

  • Speed: Fiber optic networks operate at high speeds – up into the gigabits.
  • Bandwidth: Fiber optic line has a large carrying capacity – much greater than other network cable available. As low voltage contractors, we can help select the correct cabling. 
  • Distance: Signals can be transmitted further along a fiber optic network without needing to be “refreshed” or strengthened.
  • Resistance: Fiber optic line is much more resistant to electromagnetic “noise” such as radios, motors or other nearby cabling.
  • Maintenance: Fiber optic wire costs much less to maintain.

Types of Fiber Optic Cable Work We Do

As structured cabling contractors with end-to-end customer service, Onsyte provides complete network design and offers the following spectrum of fiber cable options: 

  • Fiber optic backbone
  • Fiber optic patch cable
  • Fiber wire termination and fiber connectors
  • Buried ofc cable in conduit
  • Single mode fiber
  • Multimode fiber cable
  • Plastic Optical Fiber (POF)
  • Fiber optic wire inside innerduct
  • Labeling and testing
  • Connecting fiber optic cable to copper network

Onsyte Computer is proud to provide fiber optic cable installation to all of Central Florida, including Orlando, Winter Park, Maitland, Altamonte Springs, Oviedo, Casselberry, Winter Springs, Thornton Park, College Park and other Orange County and Seminole County cities. Would you like to secure the most affordable option for your specific digital fiber optic cable needs? Call us to schedule a free consultation.

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