Cloud Backup

The Challenges of Cloud Backup

Even the best cloud backup software is only as good as the thought you put into your disaster recovery planning. In order to fully protect your data, cloud backup solutions should be strategically combined with a properly implemented local data backup plan.


“I thought everything was moving to cloud based backup!” you might exclaim. Yes, a good data recovery plan absolutely requires offsite backup, especially here in hurricane-prone Orlando. Online backup services are needed, but to keep online data storage affordable, you want to be selective about how you use cloud backup.

Cloud Backup and Cloud Storage Mistakes

  • Using cloud file storage as an archive. Not everything needs to be included in your online data backup. Only backup online the files you work with every day.
  • Paying too much for online data storage. This is related to the internet backup mistake above. Remember, cloud storage is priced based on the number of gigabytes of space your data takes up. How do you store large amounts of photography or other data-heavy contents? Strategic use of external hard drives along with a good local backup plan allows you to preserve and recover all your data.
  • Using outdated backup software. If you’re like most of our clients, you have a mix of virtual machines and hardware (including personal devices) on your network. The best cloud backup services are able to ensure reliable execution of your data recovery plan.

Cloud Backup Made Easy

We use IDrive® online backup solutions because we think it is the best cloud server backup available on the market today. IDrive provides the following features:

  • Low bandwidth use
  • Hybrid backup
  • Online computer management
  • Daily notifications
  • Virtual VM support
  • Central management of all backups
  • Linux backup capability
  • Runs in background (no productivity interruptions)
  • Affordable

Onsyte Computer is proud to provide cloud backup services to Orlando, College Park, Thornton Park, Winter Park, Maitland, Altamonte Springs, Oviedo, Casselberry, Winter Springs and other cities in sunny Central Florida. Would you like to secure the most affordable online backup for your business? Call us to schedule a free consultation and a free estimate.

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